90% of the time my tumblr doesnt work on my laptop

lineless art practice as well as rain

Velvet my Yveltal gijinka

sorry for the spam

have bloody dads

our assassin nerds 

Kirlia is mine

Pikachu and pichu are Kais

pokejinka nerds

Mine: Deoxys, Jirachi, Magnimite and Tyrunt

Kai’s: Slowpoke

sometimes I forget this nerd exists. a demi god. with a full blooded god friendo


Alright gonna keep these two together since they’re the same thing (one just has shading and his makeup/scales)

Uncomfortably detailed nips gomen

He belongs to a story between me n’ kai.

these were adopts I was working on (base by satyrcat i’ll double check later)

but the main file was deleted???? hahah hah a ha

I mean i could re-trace or sell them still I guess but they’re unfinished jdfjk

my sphinx bb

He loves books and owns a HUGE library. like wow.

Alright. This is my new bby harpy boy. (hopefully I havent posted this to tumbles already)

Hes a eagle harpy…….harp y


Figured I’d do an *important update here finally. Okay so I may only post every 12 years under the all the planets aligning but i’m not sure if i’ll be on hiatus or not. I am undergoing physical therapy currently and it’s exhausting. Take care of yourself and have a nice day/night!! uvu

*I will post more about whats wrong later but its like 2:36am and I hurt. I have art to post so i’ll do that tomorrow.