I have only ever seen ONE shiny in all my years of playing pokemon. Idk if it’s in my pokemon box either since I can’t find it and I saved either omfg //lays down


You know I had to :V

'mish info



Seeing as this has gotten a lot of notes I’m going to do stretch goals!

Anyone that likes/reblogs this will get a chance to win a free drawing of a pokemon!

500 notes-2 winners will be picked

700-3 winners will be picked

If we manage 1000 I’ll pick four winners In total and draw each of them both a pokemon and an animal crossing styled version of them

Must like and reblog I’ll be checking for both 

you don’t have to be a follower but I would appreciate a follow regardless ‘w’

You know I had to :V

'mish info

woot woot~ this has been turned into a giveaway!!

I’ve joined some really gay rp groups lmao

gotta see if my tumblr will let me do shit……
I’ve had people suggest Xkit but I can’t for the main desktop bc I would rather not incite the ire of my grandmother…….

I guess i’ll post this too

I finished it hah

wip of a thing i’m working on. I’d link the ref photo but i’d have to dig around the interwebs and DA is being an ass (i saved it to my stash), thus I’ll edit it in later.

Characters belong to me and bf kori

Wolfgang me (left)

Tiger kori (right)

So I have to use a diff browser just to reblog, like, make posts and answer messages apparently????


4 hour raffle for my watchers
win 1 chibi (messiness varies LOL)
reblog ONCE to enter

ends tonight!! May 6th @ 12 AM (PST)

* u * good luck!


If u have one pls share it with me

Why do such cool people follow me????!!!

I COuld talk about my boyfriend all day bye